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How iOS 9.1 has Made iPad App Development Simpler and Better

I thought iOS 9.1 will bring on transformation and the support to old ipads may be announced obsolete, but nothing amusing or expected happened. Unlike big benefits added in iOS8 for Ipad app development services and users, iOS 9 has been only concentrated to make crucial productivity and performance enhancements “under the hood”. Instead, most developers find it relaxing that the latest ipad OS version has been worked upon to fix the major flaws of previous version. Let’s find out what’s been included and excluded.

  • Intel Search, Siri: Have you seen that Jamie Foxx “flip a coin” advertisement for Siri? The inspiration of ad concept lies in the chronological changes and enhanced AI power of native search. iOS bring all the major real life scenarios into action within Siri. It not only answers the real time events, but also work with the system apps to make a payment or email revert just with the voice.

  • Ipad Split Screens: The foremost i love about apple is, when it brings a change, it doesn’t need to many iterative steps or updates to work perfectly. The ipad slit version let’s see you keep productivity and entertainment side by side on screen. Watch a movie and write a review simultaneously. Every third party app can be pushed into one screen while you instantly receive an itch for playing a rumble with your friend.

  • The Keyboard: There is a small toolbar which has a undo button. long press the text and you will get options for cut, copy, paste on screen. This improves the productivity and the goal of making everything available that can be linked to that particular app right on the screen.

  • Battery Saver: Extended options for using the device with a low profile makes iOS 9 a relief for the users. Imagine yourself on a long trip, extended battery life options can help you take calls throughout the journey. The low power mode will restrict some background apps to take long breaths.

  • 1.3 GB installation size, ONLY: For those 16 GB users, who were not ready to lose their favourite apps and music for a new iOS 8 update, iOS 9 is a savior. Unlike predecessors, it only occupy 1.3 GB of space on phone, which is hardly a worry for any ipad user.

With amazing platform, ipad app development services will surely be a walk in the park for the developers. More under the hood changes like Gameplaykit support, support for apple watch and overall proactivity with smartness makes iOS 9 a better platform to develop for. That’s why the new Apple ads say “the only thing that’s changed is Everything”.  

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